Freakonomics Film Trailer – Jigsaw

Freakonomics, “Pure Corruption” – Trailer from Jigsaw Productions on Vimeo.

What really makes people do the things they do? FREAKONOMICS, the omnibus documentary adaptation of the bestselling book, unveils the incentives-based thinking in the world around us. Like the book, the film examines human behavior with provocative and sometimes hilarious case studies. The segment “Pure Corruption,” written and directed by Alex Gibney, reveals the rampant and systematic cheating that goes on in Sumo wrestling matches. Long-term analysis of match data shows that wrestlers are often guilty of game fixing and whistleblowers are often ignored or, worse, threatened or penalized. As a result of the pure, spiritual façade of the sport, all involved seem to have been impervious to criticism—until now.


About Ebony Butler

I'm a Melbourne based filmmaker and human rights activist with a passion for creating films that educate and that have the potential to inspire social and political change.

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