Our community projects, both local and global, involve activities that promote social change, for the betterment of society as a whole and for the protection of our planet. We use the power of media to raise awareness of the most important, under reported and time critical issues. We aim to create a more positive attitude toward caring for people in need, regardless of race or religion, promote action within the community and strive to bring about positive social change.

Human Rights

We are currently producing a number of documentaries which centre on the topical subject of ‘child soldiers’ and ‘children in conflict’, exploring child rights for protection and more in depth subjects such as ‘war and conflict’, ‘peace and solidarity’ and ‘resettlement and reintegration’. Our first documentary for our anti-slavery campaign was ‘Dancing Through Pain’, 2009, which is currently being screened throughout Australia, and has already been shown on 2 separate occasions at Parliament House, Canberra.

Climate Action

We produce climate change activism videos for our partner organizations’ (Sustainability in Stonnington: youtube channel, promoting a sustainable future.

Activism campaigns and social movements we promote and encourage support for:

Peace Advocacy


End Genocide

End Impunity

No Children in War

Protection of Human Rights

Security of Women and Children

Climate Change Action


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