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Project Nim

Project Nim

21 January, 2011 | By Anthony Kaufman

Dir: James Marsh. UK. 2011. 93mins

James Marsh’s Project Nim is every bit as engrossing, though not as crowd-pleasing, as his previous hit documentary, the Oscar-winner Man On Wire. In this chronicle of “Nim Chimpsky,” a chimpanzee raised as a human child in the 1970s, Marsh trades in the high-flying tension of daredevil stunts for the high-stakes emotional terrain of animal rights and scientific hubris.

Seamlessly blending subtle reenactments with ample archival footage.

Prior to the film’s opening night slot in Sundance’s World Cinema Documentary Competition, HBO Documentary Films acquired all US theatrical, video and broadcast rights to the film; the channel will most definitely find a theatrical partner Stateside. Based on Marsh’s track record and the eminently intriguing subject matter, Nim should find select theatrical activity and solid TV play in other territories.

Seamlessly blending subtle reenactments with ample archival footage, Marsh lets the story unfold chronologically, beginning in 1973 when Nim was taken from his birth mother by Columbia University professor Herb Terrace, and brought into the Upper West Side brownstone of Stephanie Lafarge, a former psychology student with a large family who attempts to teach Nim sign language.

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Icon Australia picks up motorcycle doc

Cover of "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Cover of Fahrenheit 9/11

Icon Australia picks up motorcycle doc TT3D | News | Screen.

It’s great to hear of the success of the documentary TT3D that Australian film distributor ICON FILMS has secured theatrical distribution for (Australia & New Zealand). The motorcycle documentary was produced and  financed by CinemaNX.

The documentary has had massive success in the UK. According to Screen Daily, the film was UK’s highest weekend box office documentary opener since Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11! Let’s hope it does well for Icon Films in Australia and New Zealand!

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