US Producer Takes on ‘Child Troopers’

Child Troopers and Atlantic Star Productions are excited to announce producer Alec Pedersen to the team.

Director of Child Troopers, Ebony Butler, will be traveling to Los Angeles next week where she will work with Child Trooper’s U.S Producer, Alec Pedersen (The Cove; Unity). She will then head across to New York and Washington DC to conduct interviews and further research issues related to the film.

Research for the upcoming trip to America will focus on children in conflict & child soldiers, peace & justice, civilian protection & security, aid & development, modern day child slavery & child trafficking.

More information regarding Child Troopers will be released soon so keep checking in for updates! See:

If there is something you would like to know, or an opinion you would like to voice, please do as we encourage dialogue and promote discussion on all issues!

Follow Child Troopers on or check out the blog atlanticstarproductions.blogspot.comfor information on human trafficking, slavery, human rights, child soldiers and much more!

The Documentary:

This documentary is one person’s attempt to understand and explain the experiences of children in Uganda’s decades long civil war between the government of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Child Troopers follows Ebony Butler as she documents the testimony of child soldiers and other young victims of this war, it will follow her research as she uncovers the causes of these crimes against humanity; the political ambitions of ruthless men who have systematically used and abused thousands of children to realize them.

This is one woman’s attempt to understand this conflict, its victims, and to examine what has and is being done to end it. It will show how this effort to understand has evolved into an effort to ameliorate the situation of the women and children most affected by the war in Northern Uganda.

International award winning filmmaker Matt Norman will produce this amazing film with an estimated release in February 2012. More news soon.


About Ebony Butler

I'm a Melbourne based filmmaker and human rights activist with a passion for creating films that educate and that have the potential to inspire social and political change.

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